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During our numerous projects worldwide assisting our clients in understanding the issues that can arise from the presence of mercury in oil and gas, we have observed many examples of unconsidered emissions of mercury, where without comprehensive sampling and analysis it would go unnoticed by the operators.

Mercury in any of its three forms (elemental mercury, inorganic salts, and organic compounds) is a highly toxic element that is found both naturally and as a globally dispersed contaminant in the environment.

Qa³ are committed to expanding awareness of unconsidered mercury emissions from the oil and gas industry helping our clients to minimise worker exposure and understand where these instances can arise within the process, read our most recent document on this subject to find out more - Unconsidered Mercury Emissions from the Oil and Gas Industry

This document covers an introduction to mercury and its toxicity, mercury in the oil and gas industry, sources of unconsidered mercury emissions within the industry, estimations of global mercury emissions, and conclusions that can be drawn from the information presented.