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Sulphur Speciation

**Qa³ now offer On-site Sulphur Speciation**

Sulphur is an undesirable constituent of fossil fuels that is found in several forms in a wide variety of compounds at differing concentrations.

Hydrogen sulphide (H₂S) is most commonly the predominant volatile species found in produced hydrocarbons whilst mercaptans (RSH) are typically the second most prevalent volatile species.
The main issues resulting from the presence of these compounds are: 
  • Toxicity – these compounds are highly toxic even at low concentrations
  • Corrosion – H₂S has the potential to cause corrosion issues if the incorrect grade of steel is used
  • Poisoning – of petrochemical catalysts
Sulphur Speciation

Analysis should be performed on site

ASTM D5504
Determination of Sulphur Compounds in Natural Gas and Gaseous Fuels 
by Gas Chromatography and Chemiluminescence

One Site Sulphur Speciation

On-site Sulphur Speciation by GC-SCD

Qa³ are now the first to have a fully developed method for a portable gas-chromatography (GC) system that utilises a sulphur chemiluminescence detector (SCD) that affords accurate on-site quantification of sulphur species in gas and light to middle distillates, as well as headspace analysis of ‘black’ oils and aqueous samples.

Key features:
  • Speciation of up to 40 sulphur compounds with quantification from ppb to % levels
  • On-site evaluation of the performance of sulphur removal units
  • Sulphur compound mass balance study across your processing facility
  • Ultra-trace detection capability (ppb) of thiophene for benzene purity evaluation
  • Identification of all sulphur compounds, collectively leading to off specification total sulphur content
  • Investigations into instances of reservoir souring
  • Elemental sulphur deposition investigations
  • Odour occurrence investigations
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Benefits of On-site Sulphur Speciation


Removes Sample Integrity Issues

Losses of volatile species can occur through reactions with the sample vessel internal surfaces, even when inert coated. Sulphur species can also react with other compounds in the sample, forming different sulphur species. On-site analysis minimises these losses and reactions by reducing the time between sampling to analysis.


Increases Number of Samples

Qa³ costs on site are based on a day rate charge rather than a per sample charge. For this reason, Qa³ will endeavour to perform as many analyses as possible in the allocated time period, thus building a robust and comprehensive data set that is representative of the process fluid during the given sampling period.


Allows for Same-day Data Acquisition

On-site determinations allow for results to be received on the same day and enables a more cost and time effective solution for obtaining a full sulphur speciation break down of your process.


Dynamic Approach 

The ability to adjust the sampling and anlaysis campaign in real-time depending on data obtained whilst on site.


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Whether a trace concentration in a black oil or elevated concentration in gas, we will be able to quantify your sulphur species.

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