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Throughout the lockdown period in the UK, having been granted critical worker status by a number of oil and gas companies, Qa3 have continued to support key petrochemical infrastructure by providing both equipment and field chemists to client’s sites. This has taken the field team out to North Sea installations and to onshore facilities as far North as the Shetland Islands where an unusual chance to stop and appreciate the amazing vistas can be seen in the photo opposite, taken by one of our field team.

Along with our on site services, Qa3 off site, laboratory based services continue to be operational with a number of concurrent projects speciating mercury in liquid samples taken from across petrochemical facilities. Mercury speciation is requested for a number of reasons, but typically requirements fall into two categories:

  • determination of potentially dangerous species (e.g. volatile organomercury species such as dimethylmeurcy) to help identify hazards when it comes to sample handling or
  • identification of species in order to determine the most viable removal solution.

While the current period remains uncertain and challenging for many of our clients and the sector as a whole, Qa3 is operational and available for both on site and off site chemistry support, always adhering to current governmental guidelines for safe working practices.

Please do get in touch to find out more about the above mentioned services or for any other information.